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Kerawax 4600 Paraffin Pillar Wax

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Kerawax 4600 is ideal for candle making and suitable for pillars, votives, tea lights, tarts, tapers etc. with excellent compatibility with dyes and fragrances. Paraffin wax maintains a consistent appearance without the risk of frosting/blooming like some natural waxes. The wax leaves a great ultra-gloss finish and has excellent burning characteristics and scent throw. Formulated for making high-end, luxury candles with a smooth and attractive appearance. This wax does not require the use of any additives and will require two-three pours and will self-release from moulds as it has excellent shrinkage properties. Your pillar candle should be cured for 48 hours before test burning at room temperature.

Melting point: 57°C Pour Temperature:
Max Fragrance Load: 12%

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