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Liquid Paraffin otherwise known as 'white oil', is used extensively in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries. Kerax supplies liquid paraffin to many of the major producers of creams and ointments in a variety of pack forms.

The source of our liquid paraffin is an extremely pure base mineral oil, produced using a patented HT purity process. These oils deliver amongst the highest standards of purity and quality to meet the white mineral oil requirements of various industries, including plastics and elastomers, health and beauty, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, agriculture as well as additional markets such as textiles, agricultural, animal feed and furniture polish.

Our medical grade white oils have approval for use in all pharmaceutical applications.

Highly refined, colourless, odourless, tasteless and with excellent colour stability, they may also be used in many other industries where they may come into contact with food or beverages.

White Oils' inert nature makes them easy to work with and suitable for use across a spectrum of applications and product formulations.

Chemically and biologically stable, they do not support bacterial growth and are widely used as industry standard.

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