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At Kerax, we are committed to leading the transition to natural waxes and staying on the cutting edge of sustainability. We prioritize using ingredients that are responsibly sourced, biodegradable, and have minimal environmental impact. We are constantly developing new and innovative formulations that align with our values. By adapting our products and services to meet the changing demands of customers who expect sustainable options, we strive to be at the forefront of the natural wax industry.

Kerax manufactures bespoke plant-based waxes that are specifically formulated to address the challenges posed by natural waxes. Our waxes are designed to provide consistent, reliable results and help customers overcome the issues of frosting/crystallisation, brittleness, and other inconsistencies.

What is Natural wax? At Kerax we have two main categories of natural wax; naturally occurring waxes and vegetable wax. Various types of naturally occurring waxes are formed in nature and can be sourced from a variety of plants and animals. For instance, beeswax is produced by honeybees and Carnauba wax is derived from the leaves of the Carnauba palm, found in Mexico. Similarly, Candelilla wax is made from the wax-coated stems of the Candelilla shrub, while Rice Bran wax comes from the outer layer of rice grains. Each of these waxes are harvested and minimally processed in order to be transformed into wax.

Harvested plants are processed and mechanically pressed to extract vegetable oils, which are then refined and hydrogenated to increase their melting points and help create waxes such as soy, olive, coconut, rapeseed and palm. By using materials that are by-products of the food manufacturing industry, we are able to utilise a renewable source of raw materials that can be grown again and again. Some of our candle waxes are a blend of specially selected vegetable oils. The different properties of each plant help to create a high-quality and effective product. For example, our Kerasoy 4120 wax is a blend of coconut and soy waxes specifically chosen for superior candle-making performance.

What makes Kerax Wax different? By actively seeking out suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and encouraging them to continually improve their practices, we can work together to achieve our sustainable sourcing goals. We also strive to ensure transparency and traceability throughout our supply chain by collaborating closely with our suppliers. Using sustainable ingredients in our formulations not only meets the needs of our customers, but also helps to create a healthier planet. We believe that through our collective efforts, we can create a more sustainable future for everyone. We manufacture natural wax for a diverse range of applications across industries. From pharmaceutical to candle-making. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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