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Waxes used in the packaging sector are generally used as part of the barrier system, to heat seal the packaging and to provide aesthetic appeal by increasing the gloss of the printed paper or card. Traditionally packaging waxes are based on paraffins, but significant improvements have been made recently in the formulations which are based on natural waxes. The significant benefit of the new developments is that hardened vegetable oils are already used extensively as significant ingredients in the foods themselves, so this removes any concerns about the possible effect of the migration of the packaging wax into the food.

Paraffin and Natural based Packaging Waxes

Kerax are at the forefront of the development and supply of both paraffin and natural based packaging waxes. Over recent years Kerax has completed a program of formulating a range of 'standard' products, but we are continuously improving the performance of our waxes and always ready to use our expertise to develop waxes which are bespoke to the specific requirements of our customers.

Flexible Packaging Waxes

Paraffin and paraffin blends are used to provide gloss, freshness seals, moisture and grease barriers to food packaging. The key benefits of using paper packaging waxes are:

  • Water and water vapour resistance
  • Gas and odour barrier (prevent loss of flavour or contamination)
  • Improved process efficiency through faster packaging line speeds
  • A 'traditional' look and feel to your product

Blending with other additives improves heat sealability, gloss, reduces friction and improves scuff resistance.

Corrugated Board Waxes

Paraffin wax is the main wax used in corrugated packaging and the main application is for food, plant and furniture packaging. Corrugated boxes protected with waxes are three times stronger than non-wax coated corrugated boxes and offer:

  • Effective moisture barrier to protect the corrugated box or the product inside
  • Improved stacking and dry strength
  • Improved appearance
  • Prevents ply separation
  • Improved rigidity
  • Water and water vapour resistance
  • Reduced abrasiveness of Kraft board on the packaged product

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Latest News

Published: 7th September 2021

The two huge towers which have stood over Kerax’s factory since the 1970s have been removed to make way for two new blending vessels, which forms part of our £1.5million investment into new facilities to increase production of our range of candle waxes including our ever popular KeraSoy and EcoLife ranges.

Published: 10th June 2021

Kerax, the UK’s leading wax manufacturer has announced a collaboration with Itero, a clean tech company based in London. Kerax has signed an MOU with Itero to purchase up to 5,000 tonnes/annum of recycled wax products.

New Developments

Published: 31st March 2020

Kerax are proud to have been appointed the sole manufacturer and distributor of EcoSoya products.

Published: 1st November 2020

You can now order candle wax samples directly from our website!

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