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General Purpose & Industrial Waxes

Kerax General Purpose Waxes

In the realm of industrial applications, versatile and reliable waxes are essential. Kerax introduces General Purpose Waxes in bead, flake, liquid, pastille, powder, and slab forms. Engineered with precision, these waxes offer unmatched versatility and performance across various sectors. From lubrication to molding, choose Kerax for tailored solutions to meet manufacturing needs.

Unmatched Versatility:

Kerax General Purpose Waxes stand out for their unparalleled versatility. With a comprehensive range of forms available, including bead, flake, liquid, pastille, powder, and slab, these waxes can be tailored to suit a diverse array of industrial applications. Whether you’re lubricating machinery, coating paper products, molding plastic components, or sealing packaging materials, Kerax General Purpose Waxes offer the flexibility and adaptability you need to optimise your processes and achieve exceptional results.

Precision Engineering:

At Kerax, precision is our priority. Our General Purpose Waxes are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using the finest raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure consistent quality and performance. Each form of wax is engineered with specific properties and characteristics tailored to meet the demands of different industrial applications, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and excellence in every use case.

Enhanced Performance:

Performance is paramount in industrial settings, and Kerax General Purpose Waxes deliver excellence with every application. Whether used as lubricants, coatings, sealants, or additives, these waxes offer superior performance characteristics that enhance productivity, efficiency, and product quality. With properties such as low friction, high melting points, water repellency, and chemical resistance, Kerax General Purpose Waxes ensure optimal performance in even the most demanding industrial environments.

Flexible Formulations:

Kerax General Purpose Waxes are available in a variety of formulations to suit different application requirements. Whether you need waxes with specific melting points, hardness levels, or viscosity ranges, our extensive range of products allows for precise customisation to meet your exact specifications. From high-melting-point waxes for molding and casting to low-viscosity waxes for coating and impregnating, Kerax offers solutions to address a wide range of industrial challenges.

Ease of Use:

In industrial settings, ease of use is essential for maintaining operational efficiency. Kerax General Purpose Waxes are designed for easy handling, melting, and application, regardless of their form. Whether you prefer bead, flake, liquid, pastille, powder, or slab wax, our products offer consistent melting properties and reliable performance, ensuring seamless integration into your manufacturing processes and minimal downtime.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Kerax General Purpose Waxes are not only versatile and reliable but also cost-effective. By optimising processes, improving product performance, and reducing maintenance requirements, our waxes help manufacturers save time and resources, ultimately leading to lower production costs and increased profitability. With Kerax, you can achieve superior results while maximising the efficiency and profitability of your operations.

Choose Kerax for Excellence in Industrial Solutions:

In the competitive world of industrial manufacturing, Kerax stands as your trusted partner for excellence, versatility, and performance. With our precision-engineered General Purpose Waxes, you can optimise your processes, enhance product quality, and achieve unparalleled results across a wide range of applications. Choose Kerax and experience the difference in industrial solutions that empower innovation and excellence for a brighter future.

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