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Formulated waxes for textiles, fabrics to improve performance, product longevity and hydrophobicity.

Kerax Textile And Fabric Wax Surface Treatments

Kerax offers an exceptional line of textile wax surface treatments, expertly designed to offer unmatched protection for a wide range of fabric, leather, and cloth products. Whether for fashionable jackets, handheld bags, or other textiles, our treatments ensure durability, longevity and enhanced performance and appearance.

Kerax offers both plant-based, hydrocarbon and synthetic waxes designed for use in textile coatings. Improve your textile offerings by adding Kerax waxes.

Protective Wax Coating for Clothing

Our specialised Protective Wax Coatings for clothing & accessories are formulated to safeguard your clothing from the elements. Ideal for jackets and outdoor gear, this treatment creates a resilient yet breathable barrier, effectively repelling water and stains while maintaining the fabric’s natural feel and flexibility.

Our range is perfect for those who seek to preserve the quality and extend the life of their outdoor and fashion wear, offering an added layer of protection without compromising on style.

Textile Coating Waxes Made In The UK By Kerax


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