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Specially Formulated Waxes To Aid The Production Of Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing 

Kerax Waxes for Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing

Kerax manufacturers a comprehensive range of waxes specifically tailored for the rubber and plastics manufacturing industries. These products are designed to facilitate mould extrusion processes and provide protective coatings for various rubber and plastic products. Our diverse selection includes process aids, plasticisers, specialized waxes, and oils, each formulated to enhance manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

Process Aids & Plasticisers

Our Process Aids are essential in improving the efficiency of extrusion and molding processes in rubber and plastics manufacturing. These aids help in reducing the viscosity of the compound, facilitating smoother flow through molds and dies. This not only improves the quality of the end product but also reduces wear on machinery, leading to longer equipment life and reduced maintenance costs.

The Plasticisers in our range are designed to increase the flexibility and workability of plastic and rubber compounds. They are essential in making the materials more pliable, which is particularly beneficial in applications requiring high elasticity or flexibility. These plasticisers are compatible with a wide range of polymers and are carefully formulated to maintain the integrity of the final product.

Specialized Waxes & Oils

Kerax offers a variety of specialized waxes for rubber and plastics manufacturing. These waxes are used as lubricants and release agents, helping in the easy release of products from moulds. They also play a vital role in enhancing the surface finish of the final products, giving them a desirable texture and appearance.

Kerax’s Rubber Mould Release Wax is an essential product for the rubber industry. It aids in the release of rubber products from moulds, ensuring a clean and efficient de-moulding process. These waxes are formulated to be compatible with a variety of rubber compounds, making them versatile for different rubber production needs.

Tailored Waxes & Oils For Plastic & Rubber Product Manufacturing

At Kerax, we are dedicated to providing solutions that cater to the specific needs of the rubber and plastics industries. Our products are developed with a focus on enhancing production efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring the highest quality of the final products. Trust Kerax for your rubber and plastic manufacturing needs and experience a significant improvement in your production process and product quality.


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