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Kerax offers a variety of waxes tailored at the food packaging industry

A Specially Formulated Range Of Food Packaging Waxes

Kerax is proud to introduce its specialized line of waxes designed for use in paper and food packaging. Our products are meticulously engineered for the production for a variety of everyday food packaging items. This range is includes waxes for breadwraps, grease-proof paper, and protective boneguard packaging. Our waxes ensure that food items are protected, preserved, and presented in the best possible way. At Kerax, we understand the critical role packaging plays in the food industry. Our Packaging Waxes are the result of extensive research and development, aimed at delivering products that enhance food safety, extend shelf life, and improve customer satisfaction. Choose Kerax for packaging solutions that you and your customers can trust.

Wax Coated Paper

Kerax offers waxes for a variety of paper packaging applications. Waxes can act as a barrier coating on paper packaging or laminate substrates together.

Kerax offers a full range of hydrocarbon waxes and plant-based biocoatings that act as a barrier coating on paper packaging. Common applications include confectionary items, such as sweets, greaseproof paper for burger wraps, and wax for breadwraps. These waxes are designed to provide a barrier, protecting the food from any external elements that could damage or contaminate the food.

Kerax also offers laminating waxes for customers that need to combine two separate substrates. This laminating wax can also provide barrier coating protection, such as preventing fats from seeping through a paper & foil laminate.

Boneguard Wax

Waxed Boneguard is a commonly used form of puncture protection in the food packaging industry. This wax coated cloth provides puncture protection and reduces any leaks while meat is being transported.

Kerax: The UK's Leading Supplier Of Food Packaging Wax


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