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A variety of waxes for pillars, melts and container candles, made in the UK from sustainable sources

Supporting Artisan & Industrial Candle Manufactures For Over 62 Years

Kerax is the number 1 candle wax manufacturer in the UK, and stands as a beacon of quality and innovation in the candle-making industry. With an extensive assortment of waxes, each tailored to suit the diverse needs of candle manufacturers, Kerax is the go-to source for all candle-making essentials. Our product range includes plant-based waxes alongside paraffins, hybrids and specialties, all of which cater to both the eco-conscious creator and the traditional craftsman.

The Best Candles Require The Best Wax

When building a candle brand you want the confidence that you’re using the best possible building blocks – the best fragrance, the best wicks and the best wax. That’s where Kerax comes in.

Established in 1962., we are the experts in wax. Our waxes are developed in-house by our team of research and development chemists, undergo thousands of hours of testing, all so you don’t have to. We take the guesswork out of selecting a wax – our products just work.

Whether you’re choosing a plant-based wax or going down the paraffin route, we offer solutions for your business. We take the complexity out of making candles by manufacturing reliable waxes that work. Trust the experts. Choose Kerax.

Bespoke Blending

Are you using a producer that can’t or won’t make changes for you? Let Kerax help.

With the largest dedicated wax blending facility in the UK and Ireland, we have the necessary equipment to support specialty blends and niche requirements. At our dedicated wax blending factory we can produce a variety of waxes that are tailored to customers and their specific needs. We have the capability to supply custom blends in flakes, pastilles, slabs, drums, and road tankers.

When working on a custom blend, we work closely with customers’ production, procurement and technical teams to ensure all stakeholders are satisfied. We achieve this through leveraging our deep sector knowledge, collaborative and flexible way of working alongside significant production capabilities. Kerax, Making Wax Work.

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