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Toll Manufacturing

Kerax Waxes for Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing

Kerax is the operates UK’s largest purpose built wax blending facility. We offer our facility’s manufacturing capabilities to likeminded partners that want to manufacture products, without having to invest in large scale machinery.

Kerax's Factory

Kerax offers 120,000 square feet of production, storage and office space that can be used for a variety of industrial purposes. We can receive bulk liquid transport, blend in our vessels and produce finished products. Kerax can perform blends from 1.5MT to 50MT and finish into a variety of formats, including pastilles, flakes, slabs, blocks, kegs, IBCs, and bulk liquid. We convert raw materials into formulated finished solutions and can act as a silent partner, with your labels being placed on the end product. Taking advantage of Kerax’ scale and production capabilities, Kerax can reduce partner’s production costs through efficient manufacturing and large scale production.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Kerax has an in-house laboratory consisting of development chemists, a quality control team and a quality assurance team. We test materials as they are received on site, during production & again once production has been completed. Kerax also keeps retains of all batches produced for any inconsistencies down the line. By leveraging the skills and experience of our in-house teams, Kerax can offer manufacturing capabilities with strong control measures in place so you can confidently offer your products to your customers.


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