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Kerax supplies general-purpose waxes and materials for a variety of industrial applications

General Purpose Waxes For Industrial Processes By Kerax

Kerax proudly presents its diverse range of General Purpose Waxes, an assortment of high-quality and reliable wax products and other raw materials chemicals tailored to meet various industrial needs. This category encompasses a broad spectrum of applications. Our products are consistent, reliable, and cost effective.

General Products For Industrial Use

Waxes, petroleum jellies, and liquid paraffins are used in an assortment of industries for a range of purposes. Kerax offers a broad range of reliable and consistent products that are suitable for use within your own production. 

Whether being used as a blend component, process aid, or adding functional benefits to your products such as hydrophobicity. Kerax has a range of products that are suitable.

Oleochemicals For Industrial Use

Kerax supplies a variety of plant-based oleochemicals for industrial applications. Kerax specialises in oleochemicals that provide a either a processing or functional improvement to end products. Our oleochemical products are commonly used as emulsifiers, plasticizers, or process aids in industrial environments.

These products are tailored to customers that prefer a more sustainable solution.

Specially Formulated Waxes For A Wide Variety Of Industrial Applications


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