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A range of wax-based surface treatments designed to optimise the longevity and breath new life into equestrian arenas and training paddocks

Kerax Equestrian Surface Treatments

Welcome to Kerax’s premium range of wax arena surface treatments, meticulously crafted for equestrian arenas and horse racing tracks. Our innovative products ensure the highest level of performance and safety for both horse and rider. At Kerax, we are committed to providing equestrian enthusiasts with the best in arena surface technology. Our products are designed with the utmost care, ensuring that every ride is a perfect blend of safety, comfort, and performance. Discover the difference with Kerax Equestrian Surface Treatments.

Hot Wax Arena Surface Treatment

Our Hot Wax Surface Treatment is the pinnacle of advanced arena care. Designed to seamlessly blend with your existing surface, this treatment adds a layer of durable wax. It significantly improves the stability and cushioning of the surface, making it ideal for high-impact activities. The hot wax application ensures deep penetration and uniform distribution, providing a long-lasting and consistent riding experience.

This treatment is perfect for arenas and tracks that host frequent competitive events, offering a surface that champions both safety and performance.

Rejuvenating Surface Treatment

The Rejuvenating Arena Surface Treatment is a revolutionary solution for arenas looking to restore and enhance their existing surfaces. This treatment revitalises your arena by deeply infusing it with a specially formulated wax blend. It rejuvenates the texture, elasticity, and moisture retention of the surface, ensuring a safer and more comfortable riding experience.

Ideal for training facilities and private arenas, this treatment breathes new life into your equestrian space, maintaining the highest standards of surface quality.

Equestrian Surface Treatment Products Created By Kerax


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