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Kerax has been manufacturing and supplying waxes, oils and a variety of bespoke products since the company’s inception in 1962. Today, Kerax’s range of products includes wax for candle manufacture, petroleum jellies for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications, plus products for extrusion and surface protection. 

At the heart of natural candle making is our premium soya wax, derived from renewable soybeans, offering a clean-burning solution that’s both biodegradable and vegan-friendly. This wax is particularly suited for container candles, given its lower melting point which ensures a smooth and even burn, essential for maximizing scent throw and burn time. The creamy texture and adherence to glass make soya wax an excellent choice for those looking to produce elegant, eco-luxe candles.

Beeswax is the artisan’s treasure, revered for its naturally sweet, honey-like fragrance. Its non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties make it ideal for consumers with sensitivities. Beeswax burns longer and brighter, making it a superior choice for both pillar and container candles. When it comes to pillar candles, its rigidity is unmatched, allowing for intricate designs and a dripless experience.

Paraffin wax, the industry workhorse, is prized for its versatility. With a high melting point, it’s perfect for creating robust pillar candles that stand firm and burn long. Paraffin’s excellent fragrance-holding qualities make it a favorite for strongly scented candles, ensuring that the aroma lingers long after the flame has been extinguished. While primarily used for pillar candles, its adaptability also permits its use in container candle formulations when blended appropriately.

Microcrystalline wax, with its fine crystal structure, is the specialist’s choice for adding rigidity to candles and improving texture. It can be blended with softer waxes like soya or paraffin to enhance the quality of pillar candles, granting them a superior finish and preventing sweating in warmer climates.

Lastly, coconut wax is the new frontier in candle making. This sustainable option, with its sublime oil content, provides an exceptional scent throw and burn quality, making it particularly suited for luxury container candles. It burns slowly and cleanly, and when blended with other waxes, it can create a sublime candle experience.

Kerax’s commitment to excellence means that each type of wax is designed to meet the highest standards of the candle-making craft. Whether you seek to create elegant container candles or stately pillars, their range of waxes provides the foundational materials to illuminate and fragrance any space. With Kerax waxes, artisans are equipped to turn the ordinary act of lighting a candle into an extraordinary sensory journey.

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