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Hot Melt Adhesive Waxes

Kerax Hot Melt Adhesive Waxes

In industrial bonding, precision, reliability, and efficiency are crucial. Kerax introduces Hot Melt Adhesive Waxes in pastille and bead forms, crafted with expertise for superior bonding strength. These specialised waxes offer versatility and ease of use, enhancing efficiency. Whether bonding wood, paper, plastic, or metal, choose Kerax for precision adhesive bonding.

Advanced Formulation for Superior Bonding Strength:

At Kerax, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our Hot Melt Adhesive Waxes are formulated using advanced technologies and the finest raw materials to deliver superior bonding strength and reliability. Each pastille and bead is engineered with precision to ensure optimal adhesion to a wide range of substrates, providing strong and durable bonds that withstand the rigours of industrial applications. With Kerax Hot Melt Adhesive Waxes, you can trust that every bond will be secure and long-lasting, ensuring the integrity and performance of your assembled products.

Versatile Bonding Solutions:

Kerax Hot Melt Adhesive Waxes offer versatility and flexibility to meet the diverse bonding needs of industrial applications. Whether you’re bonding wood, paper, cardboard, plastics, or metals, our waxes provide reliable adhesion across a wide range of substrates. Their compatibility with various application methods, including hot melt glue guns, rollers, and sprayers, ensures seamless integration into your manufacturing processes, allowing for efficient and precise bonding in any industrial setting.

Enhanced Performance in Challenging Environments:

Industrial bonding often takes place in challenging environments where temperature extremes, moisture, and other factors can compromise bond strength. Kerax Hot Melt Adhesive Waxes are specially formulated to withstand these conditions, offering superior performance and reliability in even the harshest environments. Whether used in automotive, packaging, woodworking, or electronics applications, our waxes provide durable bonds that maintain their integrity under a wide range of operating conditions.

Optimised Processing Efficiency:

In addition to providing superior bonding strength, Kerax Hot Melt Adhesive Waxes are designed to optimize processing efficiency in industrial applications. Their low viscosity and fast-setting properties allow for quick and precise application, minimising downtime and maximising throughput. Whether used in high-speed production lines or manual assembly operations, our waxes ensure efficient bonding with minimal waste, allowing you to achieve higher productivity and profitability in your manufacturing processes.

Ease of Handling and Application:

Kerax Hot Melt Adhesive Waxes are designed for ease of handling and application, whether in pastille or bead form. Their convenient packaging and user-friendly formats allow for easy storage, measurement, and melting using standard hot melt equipment. With consistent melting points and stable formulations, our waxes ensure predictable results and reliable performance, minimising downtime and optimising resource utilisation in industrial bonding operations.

Customisable Solutions for Specific Needs:

Kerax understands that every industrial bonding application is unique, with specific requirements and challenges. That’s why we offer customisable solutions to meet your individual needs. Whether you require waxes with specific melting points, adhesion properties, or additives, we can tailor our formulations to address your specific requirements. With Kerax, you can achieve optimal results and maximize efficiency in your industrial bonding applications.

Choose Kerax for Excellence in Industrial Bonding Solutions:

In the competitive world of industrial bonding, Kerax stands as your trusted partner for excellence, innovation, and reliability. With our precision-engineered Hot Melt Adhesive Waxes, you can optimize your bonding processes, achieve superior bond strength, and enhance the quality of your assembled products. Choose Kerax and experience the difference in bonding solutions that empower efficiency and excellence for a brighter future.

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