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A variety of waxes for food processing industries, made in the UK

Supporting Food Processing Industries For Over 62 Years

Discover Kerax’s specialized range of poultry waxes, expertly formulated for both automatic and manual de-feathering processes in poultry processing. Our high-quality waxes, available in paraffin and microcrystalline variants, are designed to cater to the diverse needs of the poultry industry, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in feather removal.

At Kerax, we are committed to providing the poultry processing industry with waxes that enhance efficiency, improve yield, and maintain high-quality standards. Our poultry waxes are rigorously tested and proven to perform under various processing conditions. Whether you’re running a large processing plant or a small artisanal operation, Kerax Poultry Wax is the trusted choice for achieving clean, smooth, and feather-free poultry products.

Paraffin Wax for Poultry De-Feathering

Kerax’s Paraffin Wax for Poultry De-Feathering is a premium choice for processors seeking a reliable and efficient solution. Available in convenient pastille form and traditional slabs, this wax is characterized by its optimal melting point and excellent pliability. It ensures a smooth application in automatic de-feathering machines, effectively gripping and removing feathers while maintaining the integrity of the skin.

The pastilles are particularly user-friendly, offering precise portion control and ease of handling, making them ideal for both large-scale and smaller operations.

Microcrystalline Wax for Feather Removal

Our Microcrystalline Wax takes feather removal to the next level. This wax variant, available in pastilles and slabs, is crafted for more challenging de-feathering tasks. Its superior adhesive properties and flexibility make it particularly effective in removing finer feathers and down. The microcrystalline structure ensures a stronger grip on feathers while being gentle on the poultry skin, reducing the risk of tears or damage.

Like our paraffin wax, it comes in easy-to-use forms, suitable for both automated and manual processes.

Food Processing & Poultry Waxes Made In The UK By Kerax


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