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Case Studies

custom wax blends

Novel Wax Emulsion

UK’s leading construction equipment manufacturer uses novel wax emulsion to eliminate VOCs and improve lubrication. The Client The client is the UK’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment, employing over 15,000 people globally and supplying customers across the world. The Problem The customer was served a prohibition notice by the UK

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Improved Candle Scent

Consistent results and improved scent throw for a leading European Candle Manufacturer The Client The customer is one of Europe’s leading producers of scented candles, manufacturing prestigious household brands that are sold in retail stores globally. The Problem The customer’s existing supplier provided wax that varied significantly from batch to

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Plant-Based Packaging Wax

Global fast food chain moves to 100% plant-based wax (bio-coating) for grease-proof burger wraps The Client The end customer is a global fast-food chain that employs over 1.5million employees and operates over 40,000 locations globally. The Problem The customer’s sourcing partner approached Kerax to develop a 100% plant-based coating to

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