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Plant-Based Packaging Wax

Global fast food chain moves to 100% plant-based wax (bio-coating) for grease-proof burger wraps

The Client

The end customer is a global fast-food chain that employs over 1.5million employees and operates over 40,000 locations globally.

The Problem

The customer’s sourcing partner approached Kerax to develop a 100% plant-based coating to provide grease-resistance to burger paper-wrap. The customer was determined to move away from petroleum-based products and planned to move towards a sustainable wax solution (bio-coating). The product needed to have similar performance as their existing petroleum-derived wax & to be useable in production environments across the globe. There were additional challenges due to the product being used in direct food contact, whereby Kerax had to ensure that the raw materials selected contained no traces of restricted substances. The product was to be supplied to a variety of packaging converters at different sizes & scales and the wax needed to be delivered in a format that was useable for all.

The solution

Kerax was selected as the preferred partner for this development due to our knowledge & experience in developing plant-based waxes and our capability to manufacture these blends at scale. Kerax’s commitment to research and development alongside large production capabilities was highlighted as key factors in this decision. Kerax began this project by performing initial project scoping with relevant stakeholders. We discussed their unique requirements and began evaluating our supply chain to select suitable ingredients. Initial developments proved promising and we collaborated with the sourcing partner and selected converters for future iterations. Kerax trialed several formats, including slabs, flakes, and blocks before settling on wax pastilles due to their ease of handling and use.

Throughout this process, Kerax’ results were independently verified to ensure that our product met food contact requirements.

The results

Kerax delivered a 100% plant-based wax coating that delivered:

  • Comparable grease-resistance as the existing solution
  • Removal of all petroleum-derived ingredients
  • Exceeded price expectations
  • Improved paper texture, gloss, and cheese adhesion from the burger to the paper

This project has led Kerax to be responsible for coatings to paper converters in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Kerax is working with the sourcing partner to roll-out the bio-coating to new geographies.

Kerax partners closely with manufacturers to deliver products that go above and beyond their expectations. We achieve this through leveraging our deep sector knowledge, collaborative and flexible way of working alongside significant production capabilities. Kerax, Making Wax Work.

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