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Improved Candle Scent

Consistent results and improved scent throw for a leading European Candle Manufacturer

The Client

The customer is one of Europe’s leading producers of scented candles, manufacturing prestigious household brands that are sold in retail stores globally.

The Problem

The customer’s existing supplier provided wax that varied significantly from batch to batch. The customer therefore needed to make adjustments to each delivery to meet the high expectations of their clients. This was causing significant headaches with fixing candle wax blends and was taking too much of the laboratory’s and factory’s resources. This was taking employees away from their regular day-to-day activities and the supplier was unwilling to adjust their production processes to resolve their challenges.

The customer wanted to move to a fixed & consistent formula, ensuring that they had confidence in the consistency of the raw materials they were receiving, so they could focus on making candles.

The Solution

Kerax was approached by the customer due to our knowledge of making candle waxes. Kerax is a leading manufacturer of candle waxes, with strong knowledge of ingredients that improve scent throw, glass adhesion, and burn quality. It was determined that the base type of wax was to be paraffin. Kerax analysed the customer’s existing wax to gain a better understanding of the performance characteristics – both good aspects and areas to improve. The key attributes to improve were decided as cold scent throw, glass adhesion, and overall product consistency.

Kerax entered into an iterative development project that focussed on improving scent throw and glass adhesion, using an off-the-shelf formula as the foundation. Through the course of the development, Kerax & the customer trialed 50+ raw materials to find the most suitable solution. After 12 months of trials, a formulation was finalised.

The next challenge was regarding product consistency. Kerax evaluated the raw materials selected and discussed our requirements with relevant supply chain stakeholders. Through this process, Kerax introduced additional raw material suppliers to ensure that we have multiple suppliers of raw materials, that have the same physical & chemical properties. With a diverse supplier base, Kerax introduced a fixed formula with a robust supply chain.

The Results

Kerax delivered a fully formulated candle wax designed around the customer’s performance requirements:

§  Improved glass adhesion by reducing rejection rate

§  Increased cold scent throw amongst best-selling fragrances

§  Consistent formula delivering expected performance, reducing factory and laboratory resource requirements

Kerax partners closely with manufacturers to deliver products that go above and beyond their expectations. We achieve this through leveraging our deep sector knowledge, collaborative and flexible way of working alongside significant production capabilities. Kerax, Making Wax Work.

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